Our equipment comes with navigation software Navitel "Ukraine+Europe" (the latest version at the time of the purchase), which has the advantages in use at the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries.


This is the detailed digital navigation map with street names, house numbers, subway stations and other important information, which make orientation easyboth in the metropolis and country.

Support free online service "Navitel.Probki", "Navitel.SMS", "Navitel.Sobytiya", "Dynamic POI» and «Navitel.Pogoda", "Navitel.Druzya".

Description maps:

  • In the detailed navigational maps of cities included residential and industrial infrastructure of the city with the information to search for buildings by the current postal address up to buildings in the private sector.
  • The map supports automatic calculation of optimal route along the roads and keeping to it with voice prompts to the driver of upcoming maneuvers.
  • Road network of detailed navigation maps of cities includes all streets and roads with the direction of motion, junctions and roundaboutsfor calculating an optimal route.

the navigation system navitel navigator ukraine boxed 7705001


Technical support "Navitel" Ukraine:

Telephone.: (044) 498 30 29

Work hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00

35 USD